Hand Warmer RK-1010
● Power: 120V 300W/220~240V 300W.
● Automatic power-off.
● Overheating protection function.
● Explosion proof.
● 1-2 meters drop resistance.
● No water, and no battery inside.
● Connect to power for 5 minutes for collecting heating, but give you 2-6     hours warm experience in cold days.

● Much safer than water bag.

● Giftbox size: L18*W16*H6.5cm. Gross weight: 0.69KG.
● Carton size: L67*W33*H20.5cm. Gross weight: 12KG. 
● Container 20'': 9600pcs. 40'':19200pcs. 40''HQ: 22200pcs.

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