Mini chopper RK-9410
1. 300W power motor with over heat protection, less noise while working.
2. PM Gears inside instead of plastic gears, more reliable.
3. Comfortable and big push button.
4. 1.2L glass chopping bowl for easy cleaning.
5. Non-slip rubber ring.
6. Detachable blade with low nois.
7. Quick detachable component design,has a strong power ,imported food     grade plastic refined,high-quality stainless steel blade ,whipping ease.
8. Squeeze the juice of various fruits and vegetables,made into authentic     fresh fruit ,juice .

Giftbox size: 22.5*20*23cm. Gross weight: 2.15KG.
Carton size: 62*47*25cm. Gross weight: 13.4KG. 
Container 20'': 2256pcs. 40'':5112pcs. 40''HQ: 5730pcs.
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